Terms of Service


These terms and conditions are made to regulate the relationship between you and Morocco Travel. When you book a tour with Morocco Travel, you personally agree to these terms and conditions. Please before making any reservation, read slowly and carefully to understand our conditions because they represent a contract agreement between Morocco Travel and its customers.

1. Booking & Payment:

When you book with Morocco Travel, our team starts immediately arranging for your travel to Morocco. Therefore, we request a deposit of 20-40% of the total tour price to confirm the reservation. Once we have received the deposit, we begin the reservations for the hotels and transportation. We accept payments via Visa, Master Card, etc.

The remaining balance is to be paid in cash (Dirhams, USD, Euros or any currency that can be converted in Morocco). We accept Credit cards with an extra 3% bank fee that will be paid by the customer. All the bookings are guaranteed after we receive the deposit receipt.

There is a possibility to pay using a wire transfer to our bank account.

2. Changes tour booking:

We make our best to make our customers happy; therefore, we are flexible and we make all possible arrangements for your booking with no additional charges. However, sometimes, due to hotel reservations and transportation, it’s impossible to make any change.

If you need to make any changes, please contact us as soon as possible and confirm with us your request in writing. Again, we will try to accommodate you so there are no extra charges, but we can not guarantee it. If changes are not possible to be made to your booking for whatever reason, you have the option to move forward with your originally booked arrangements, or cancel and pay the cancellation charges (if any) per below.

3. Cancellation Policy

Cancellation by Morocco Travel

Once your booking with Morocco Travel has been confirmed, our professional team will make his best effort to provide your booked activity tour configuration. But our company reserves the right to cancel or alter the whole activity or part of it in specific and non-avoiding reasons including, terrorist activity, natural disasters, weather conditions, and similar conditions. If any of these happened then we have the right to cancel, however. In this case, the initial deposit is totally refunded.

PS: Paypal and stripe fees are not refunded. (Paypal 5% and stripe 2.5% of the initial deposit)

Cancellation by client:

Depending on the date of cancellation and your situation the following charges apply:

  • For one month before departure, a total refund of the total cost.
  • 20-29 days prior to departure: 30 % of the total invoice.
  • 10-20 days prior to departure: 50 % of the total invoice.
  • 10 days earlier: 100 % of the total deposit.
  • Paypal and stripe fees are not refunded. (Paypal 5% and stripe 2% of the initial deposit)

4. Special Requests:

Any special requirements that are important to your booking (dietary, medical, wheelchair assistance or others) must be provided to us before you book in writing. Morocco Travel prioritizes safety; therefore, we make sure that we can ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for you. If there are special requests that we are unable to meet, we will advise you in writing prior to booking.

5. Insurance:

Please let us know of any preferences that you may have while making the reservation (hotels locations, bed configurations, etc.) and we will try to accommodate all your requests. No compensation will be paid if such requests cannot be fulfilled. We do not provide any insurance. It is your full responsibility to obtain appropriate travel insurance. We strongly encourage you to have travel insurance in the event of illness, cancellation, baggage lost, delays and others.

6. Privacy & Confidentiality:

We take full responsibility to make sure that proper security measures are in place to secure the private and confidential information that you provided us during the booking. Your collected information will be used to make reservations with hotels and with any other third party vendors as needed to complete your travel arrangements. We will share your dietary, medical or any disability information with necessary vendor partners to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip for you. In booking with Morocco Travel, you consent to this information being passed onto all relevant persons.

7. Fly Ticket, Visa, and Passport

Morocco Travel’ services do not include booking fly tickets, issues of passports, and visas. We provide only the services described in the tours. (read more about our service) Therefore, travelers should research information regarding visas to enter Morocco. Your passport must have at least six months of validity upon your in-country arrival date. Morocco Travel will not be held liable or refund any monies for any reason if your entry is prolonged or denied into Morocco.

8. Complaints:

If unlikely you are unsatisfied with Morocco Travel service, or something not planned happens during the tour, please immediately contact your driver/hotel/guide, who will work to help resolve the issue immediately. If this is not possible, please contact us in writing with details of the matter and we will make our best to help.